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Tianyu Li - 黎天宇

I am a CS Phd at Georgia Tech working with Prof.Sehoon Ha. I was a research scientist at Meta(Facebook) AI Research, where I was mentored by Dr.Akshara Rai. I got my Master degree from Carnegie Mellon University, where I was advised by Prof.Chris Atkeson and Prof.Hartmut Geyer.

My research interests generally lie at the intersection of Robotics, Reinforcement Learning with a focus on learning for agile locomotion control.

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  • 03/2022 - An instruction on installing RaisimGymTorch on MacOS with M1. [Link]
  • 09/2021 - Invited talk at Tsinghua University.
  • 10/2019 - Invited talk at Google New York.
Selected Research
PontTuset FastMimic: Model-based Motion Imitation for Agile, Diverse and Generalizable Quadrupedal Locomotion
Tianyu Li, Jungdam Won, Sehoon Ha, Akshara Rai
Submitted to RA-L, 2022
Paper / Video

PontTuset Planning in learned latent action spaces for generalizable legged locomotion
Tianyu Li, Roberto Calandra, Deepak Pathak, Yuandong Tian, Franziska Meier, Akshara Rai
RA-L, 2021
Paper / Video

PontTuset Learning generalizable locomotion skills with hierarchical reinforcement learning
Tianyu Li, Nathan Lambert, Roberto Calandra, Franziska Meier, Akshara Rai
ICRA, 2020
Paper / Video

PontTuset Using deep reinforcement learning to learn high-level policies on the atrias biped
Tianyu Li, Hartmut Geyer, Christopher G Atkeson, Akshara Rai
ICRA, 2019

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